The President of Olympico Vision welcomes Mr.Héctor Julio Tresalet as the Volunteer Ambassador of Olympico Vision in Latin America. Héctor Julio Tresalet studied civil engineering at the Universidad Nacional del Sur and is the Head of the New Business Department at FENPAC – Fénix Patagónica Constructora S.A. Hector has extensive experience with a proven track record of working in the construction industry. Specialist in Negotiation and Strategic Planning, he is a Professional Civil Engineer with strong knowledge of media and communication, specializing in Road Construction and Construction, trained at the Universidad Nacional del Sur.

As our ambassador, Hector, driven by his great love for everything Greek and passionate from the first moment with our vision for the Permanent Holding of the Olympic Games in Greece with a different host Country / City each time, helps Olympico Vision to promote its work and message in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, transmitting our vision to the Greek community there and not only with the motto “Whenever we are united we grow”

Hector wants to inspire many others in the region to pursue the vision of Olympico Vision, as well as to participate in events and activities in order to achieve the common goal.

“From Argentina, I participate in the great Olympico Vision initiative, to support such a noble and just Greek cause. “The Olympic Games must return to the country that gave them their origin, I support PERMANENT OLYMPIC GAMES IN GREECE, with one host country / city at a time.”

Héctor Julio Tresalet