“ESTIA” NEWSPAPER… Saturday – Sunday 24 -25 September 2016
By Andreas Th. Lykourenzos

The ‘ESTIA” before one month set of a major national importance subject , with the consequence that the features in this regard, from the first edition of the modern Olympic Games in Greece in 1896, the permanent holding them in Greece. The case was raised immediately after the 1974 coup by the Prime Minister then.

Konstantinos Karamanlis, in parallel with his struggle for the integration of our country in the great democratic family of Europe, struggled to convince the international community for the return and permanent performance of the Olympic Games in their homeland . He fought alone, without the moral and political support of the opposition for both goals. The opposition then followed the path of “EOK and NATO the same union” and ridiculed him for his second pursuit. He achieved one top National goal, for the other the circumstances were not favorable and he did not succeeded. Now the conditions are different and a historic opportunity is offered , on the one hand by the weight of national instability, on the other hand by the shift of interest of leaders and important personalities for the future of Greece, to dynamically bring back to the forefront the proposal of Ethnarch Konstantinos Karamanlis. Already self-appointed, Mrs. Christine Lagarde, guided by the construction of a strong development perspective for Greece , reiterated the proposal with her recent statements. Unfortunately, meteors remained, instead of being mobilized, for their exploitation , for their evaluation on the initiative of the political leadership.

Silence and embarrassment prevailed. The prevailing conditions which facilitate the re-submission of this proposal are as follows :

– Our partners and lenders deny the drastic reduction of the Greek public debt. At the same time, they insist that they want to strengthen Greece in every way, so that it can return to rates of economic growth and the creation of primary surpluses, to gradually get rid of burdensome borrowing , for the state’s operating expenses, to complete the reforms, to fully adopt the European acquired in economics and administration. Their support for the permanent performance of the OA in Greece could be their clear, positive and decisive contribution, the antidote to the wintering Greek economy and impoverished society.

– International instability increases terrorism and terrorism is becoming an increasing threat that is manifesting everywhere. It hits the countries of the West indiscriminately, while the areas that can be considered completely safe are constantly limited . Particularly in the wider Mediterranean region, recent political developments, but also those of recent years, as well as the unprecedented dimension taken by migratory flows, highlight Greece as a key country in ensuring peace, stability and security. The Olympic Games would turn Greece into a country of permanent rather than occasional truce and an exception to any war.

– The world sports community is tested by the involvement of leaders in opaque and scandalous practices to secure their vote and not only in the awarding of major events such as FIFA and the World Cup, UEFA and the European Championship, the International Olympic Committee and of course and of course the organization of the Olympic Games.

The Permanent Performance of OA in Greece would make meaningless similar attempts in the future. At the same time you will add prestige and morality, transparency and credibility to the plenary of the Immortals.

It would regenerate the value framework of the Olympic Spirit and move the world’s youth.

On the domestic front and in the context of loan agreements, the government agrees to maintain high rates of cataclysmic taxation , which prevents the attraction of investment. The recession and consequently unemployment and the nightmarish collapse of the insurance system are plaguing Greek society. We all agree that Greece needs a strong growth shock to restart the economy, for which planned privatizations undermined by the government itself are not enough. This shock will come only when powerful multinational companies and groups identify their interests with the peaceful coexistence of peoples in the cradle of civilization, and invest in a stable and developing Greece. At the same time, the annual revenues from the spectacular increase of the tourist inflows would be multiplied, while the state would continuously improve the quality of the services and the completeness of the infrastructure.

It is a challenge for the honorable President of the Republic Mr. Pavlopoulos, but also for the entire political leadership, together with the inexhaustible forces of the Nation and in fact everywhere on Earth , to claim with vigor and determination an extremely inaccessible achievement. But it is the idea-strategy that can lead to tangible results. Because unless significant capital is invested, if new businesses do not create wealth, new jobs and natural revenue for the state, governments will change as failures and the next ones will be called upon to manage the misery of the economy and the despair of the people.

For all of us, we set 2021 as a milestone, and many of us set it in time, claiming the permanent performance of the games in Greece can unite the political leadership in a common National and ambitious goal. To rid the people of the dollar and barren discord. Therefore, instead of trumpeting meaningless Constitutional Review proposals in times of crisis, to dwell on other ineffective processes of forming movements, factions and ambitious but unworkable governance programs, we must work together to persuade the international community to start a new world. Our Arguments are valid and strong, and if friends, partners and allies do not pretend, they are called upon to embrace them. After all, they owe it to the Greek people, for the sake of their confessed mistakes in the management of fiscal adjustment programs.

Let us also not forget that when Konstantinos Karamanlis stood tall and set lofty goals, he did not rely on the economic potential of Greece but also on the strength of our culture’s contribution to the universal values ​​and geopolitical importance of the country, and achieved the victory of integration. in the EEC. He relied mainly on his irrevocable decision to lead Greece among the powerful European powers. And now, we need leadership with unwavering faith in the potential of the place, with a vision for Greece and a strong will and passion to fight it.