Ambassador Pittsbourgh, Pensylvania USA
The President of Olympico Vision, Mrs. Theotoki Titi Ντolaptsi welcomes Mike-Frank G. Epitropoulos as a Volunteer Ambassador of the Vision of Olympico Vision in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Mike Epitropoulos studied «Development of the Greek Economy in the 20th century» at the Athens School of Economics (ASOEE) and Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh with a Certificate in International Political Economy and Western European Studies. Mike teaches Sociology as a Senior Lecturer and is the Director of the Pitt in Greece and Pitt in Cyprus study abroad programs at the University of Pittsburgh. He also serves on the University Senate Athletic Committee. As our ambassador, Mike was passionate from the first moment about our vision for the permanent holding of the Olympic Games in Greece with a different Host Country / City each time, and with his knowledge and experience will help Olympico Vision promote the project and her message.