We welcome to the family of Olympico Vision, the beloved children’s writer and creative educator Eftychia Samartzopanou, as a Volunteer Ambassador and we join forces to jointly claim our vision. Ms. Samartzopanou is the mother of two boys and works as computer engineereer in the Armed Forces. She studied Computer Engineering, holds a postgraduate degree – with distinction – in “Information and Communication Systems (in the field of System Security), is a graduate student in” Creative Writing in Education “and PhD Candidate in” Information “.

She has 20 years of professional experience in various fields of Computer Science and Creating Educational Programs. She has been honored with praise by the Ministry of National Defense, while she has received an honorable mention for the short story “Grandpa Christos” by the Women’s Literary Society using the authorial nickname “Ariadne Dante”, by which she is known to the general public.

In May 2020, the team of two eleven-year-old students of her won the 1st place in the Collaborative Learning Competition in Greece for the European project StoryLogicNet and the 2nd in the international level, while in December 2020 the educational program “Educating its authors …now” won a Commendation from the Women’s Literary Society in the 65th Panhellenic Competition.

Her writing work includes ten books and fourteen educational programs for the introduction of preschool and school-age children informaticsics through experiential learning. In the last seven years, she has voluntarily trained more than 8,000 people (mostly children) in the basic concepts of programming, while she has organized dozens of actions that promote culture and education.

contact: esamartzopanou.olympicovision.com